Mount Diablo Brewing Company was created out of a love for homebrewing, and was influenced by a deep appreciation of this majestic mountain and its surrounding open spaces even before that. Founder and brewer David O’Neill was raised in its foothills, with the area’s beauty and history capturing his imagination from a young age and seared into his spirit through countless hikes and exploring expeditions. O’Neill started homebrewing over 25 years ago. What started as a hobby evolved into a serious passion, fast becoming the fully formed local institution of craft beer it is today.

From the founder

I’ll always feel so fortunate to have been raised at the base of Mount Diablo. I spent much of my life exploring it and enjoying its company. The whole area is full of history and nostalgia for me, with countless memorable family outings and picnics, Sierra Club events, and Boy Scouting activities, all centered around its magnificent peak. Mount Diablo Brewing Co. draws inspiration from and pays tribute to the natural wonderland that is Mount Diablo, all through another love of my life — superior craft beer. Brewing and enjoying a pint within sight of the mountain is, in a word, bliss. I hope you enjoy our creations as much as we love making them.
— Dave O'Neill